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Welcome to Fab Arab Network

The Fab Arab Network is an organization, made up of members of the Fab Lab movement in the Arab World ’s Special Interest Group, which seeks to build a participatory space where, through different platforms, tools and communication channels, young arab people can exchange knowledge about technology, sustainability, education and entrepreneurship. It aims to increase the impact and access to technology through Fab Labs and makerspaces in the Arab World.

What we offer


Fab Arab Network is a regional platform where you can find DIY and Research Projects, programs, events, articles and info reports. It's a hub where arab youth can learn and share.


Fab Arab Network aims to provide all kind of support for regional labs; from conecting with expertise to funding opportunities and large supply chain network and labs installations.


Join a large community of makers, entrepreneurs, educators, artists and more in more than 50 fab labs and makerspaces across 22 countries.

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